My name is Chris. I write things.

Want to know how to drink like James Bond? What about the debt The Mandalorian owes to an obscure cartoon, how to make your own Super Mario Bros. levels, or the best shower scenes in video game history?Over the past decade or so, I've written about all of those and much, much more. My work has appeared in places like Playboy, ESPN, Maxim, VICE, GameSpot, Mashable, MAD Magazine, Digital Trends, and others.My specialties include video game development and design, popular television shows and movies, and animation and comic book history. In other words? If it's geeky, I probably write about it.You can reach me at [email protected], and I've put some of my favorite clips below. Check 'em out.

Interviews and Reported Features

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Opinion, Explainers, and Humor

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